Terms of service for file.town

➀ General
  1. file.town is a free of charge service, no costs are incurred for usage..
  2. file.town is trying to ensure the continuous availability of this service. Nevertheless, a claim to constant availability does not exist. All services in connection with this free service will be provided on voluntary basis only.
➁ Upload
  1. It is not allowed to upload files that violate applicable laws of your country or the country of people who download these files.
  2. The user is solely responsible for the content of uploaded files and obligates itself to release file.town from any demands of third parties against file.town .
  3. file.town does not create any backups of uploaded files. The user is solely responsible for creating own backups of any uploaded files.
➂ Download
  1. The use of files provided by file.town is at your own risk. This refers in particular to the functionality and availability of files as well as damage caused by the use of the files. file.town cannot guarantee that the provided files are virus-free.